TikTok needs to be Banned in 🇺🇸! Here’s Why! Get your Children off Immediately!

From collecting intelligence on American citizens through various apps, such as TikTok, to increasing China’s influence on foreign nations all around the world, China is increasing its information gathering capabilities greatly. And changing the way your Children think. You too if you are an Addict. And so much so that they eventually will be taught how wonderful America and China are friends so your Children will happily surrender to China one day. And suddenly, are you simply living in a Glass Palace not caring?

Too many are simply A.I. Ignorant not realizing how much Information gathered can be used. How minds can be retrained to think in other ways away from 🇺🇸 norms. And how Algorithm Ignorant many are as well. Not understanding how all of us are influenced is dangerous these days. In many ways, these are Dark Days. Many believe these are the End of Times. The real End of Times. And if so, all of us must know what challenges all of us have facing 🇺🇸 and we must address the things being used against us. All of us.

TikTok was amusing in the beginning but now, it has grown dark cat like claws that are only going to grow larger. Digging deeper into those Addicted to TikTok.

Now, sadly, I will explore with you how China is using information gathered from TikTok and other sources to increase its power and influence around the world. Relevant algorithms, which are used by China to gain information on its target population, will be examined. Additionally, the paper will explore potential consequences for individual users and for national security should the data be misused.

TikTok Addiction is allowing China’s Expansive Invasion Upon your Children’s Minds

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of the expansive data gathering capabilities of Chinese companies. The Chinese government has been utilizing its own apps, such as TikTok, to monitor the activities of its citizens and to collect data for potential use in future campaigns. As the app has gained in popularity across the world, the Chinese government has been able to gain access to data which would not be possible in China, due to various laws and restrictions which limit the government’s access to data.

This paper will explore the various ways that the Chinese government is using TikTok and other apps to gather information. Furthermore, the paper will review the algorithms which are being used to gain access to user data and how these algorithms might be used to increase China’s influence around the world. In addition, the paper will examine the potential consequences of misusing the data which is being collected.

How TikTok is Used by the Chinese Government

For those who are unaware, TikTok is a mobile application which allows for users to create and share short videos. The app is extremely popular, with reported users in excess of 800 million.1 With the exponential growth of the app, Chinese companies have been able to increase their capacity for collecting data on the activities of their users.

The specifics of how the app is being used by the Chinese government to gain access to user data varies. Some of these methods include using facial recognition algorithms which can track individuals and build user profiles. Additionally, the app can be used to track the current location of a user and monitor what other websites they are viewing. Furthermore, the app has been known to record audio as it is being used, which can be used to gain information about what topics users are discussing.

Algorithms Used to Gather Data

In order to accurately monitor the activities of its users, the Chinese government has been utilizing various algorithms to gain access to user data. The algorithms which have been identified include:

  • Facial Recognition: As mentioned, facial recognition algorithms are being used to track and monitor individuals who are using the app. The software can build a user profile which includes information about the user’s facial features, as well as other data such as the user’s current location.
  • Sentiment Analysis: The app is able to analyze various text posts, comments, and videos to gain insight into the mood and feelings of the user. This can be used to target certain users with specific advertising.
  • Network Analysis: Network analysis can be used to trace connections between users. This algorithm is used to gain insight into who is connected to whom and build up a better understanding of how a particular user base operates.

There are several potential consequences of the misuse of the data which is being gathered. Most concerning is the potential for the misuse of sensitive private data which may be considered illegal. Additionally, if the data is granted to third parties, such as advertisers, the user’s privacy (as well as the privacy of those connected to them) could be compromised.

Furthermore, should the Chinese government be utilizing the data for political agendas, it could be considered an infringement on the sovereignty of foreign nations. This could have far-reaching consequences around the world, depending on what information and decisions the Chinese government is acting on.

TikTok Addiction that will cause a Robust Revolution Against Parenthood and Parenting which is a Chinese Goal to usurp Birthrates in America which will cause a Meltdown in the American Financial System. Less Births will ultimately cause a train wreck later down the road. And China knows this. Economists know this. And Algorithms preaching less Births as a way to solve Climate Control is just one of the things China is feeding your Children’s minds. But China wants more.

It is clear that China is utilizing TikTok to gain access to valuable data. Although the government has a responsibility to protect the security of its citizens, the app is being utilized in a way which could be deemed as unethical. By using algorithms to analyze user data and connect and track individuals, the Chinese government is able to gain access to user information which is usually not available to them.

Consequentially, TikTok is a highly effective tool for gathering data and utilizing it to increase the influence of the Chinese government worldwide. TikTok uses a large number of algorithms, from facial recognition to pattern recognition, to enact powerful surveillance and censorship of its users. This data is then used to inform government decisions about a wide range of topics, from political discourse to foreign policy.

The Chinese government has been using all the information it gathers from its citizens on TikTok to shape its international ideology, policies, and strategies. In recent years, it has been able to benefit from its citizens’ views, interests and opinions since the platform reaches a global audience. For instance, China has used the data collected from users to determine the parameters of the Belt and Road Initiative. This massive infrastructure project, launched in 2013 to increase influence in Asia, Europe, and Africa, has been an immense success due to the insights gained from understanding the network of users on TicTok.

TikTok uses many algorithms to come to its conclusions. The most obvious one is facial recognition, which helps identify and verify users on the platform. This algorithm is also used to track user activity, as well as detect objectionable content or potentially dangerous behavior.

Another algorithm used by TikTok and the Chinese government is pattern recognition. This helps identify user behaviors and content, which can be used to target certain audiences for advertisements, or to inform the government about potential threats or illegal activities.

In addition to facial recognition and pattern recognition, the Chinese government and TikTok have employed machine learning algorithms, which can detect and predict user’s behaviors. This information can be used to identify potential problems and suggest solutions. For example, an algorithm could be used to anticipate and prevent cyberbullying, or to detect online harassment.

Lastly, there is a recommendation algorithm, which increases engagement by suggesting content to users based on their interests and preferences. This algorithm helps connect users with similar interests, and keeps them engaged, allowing the Chinese government to better influence public opinion.

While these are the main algorithms used by TikTok and the Chinese government, the platform also utilizes several other, less well-known methods to influence users and collect data. These include sentiment analysis, which measures the sentiment of user’s comments to determine how they feel about certain topics, as well as natural language processing, which is used to detect key words or phrases in messages or posts. There are also big data analytics, which can extract important insights from large sets of data.

In conclusion, the Chinese government has used algorithms and other methods to gather data from TikTok users and use it for more efficient government operations. They have been able to increase their influence worldwide by understanding the network of users on the platform, and utilizing the data collected to inform political decisions and shape its international ideology. This data has been invaluable in helping the Chinese government understand the trends of society and shape policy accordingly.

If you do not remove your Children from Tik Tok, then at what point will you be upset with their Chinese Training? Still unconvinced? Algorithms alone can instill deep thought towards a very different rationale. And when they attack you in your own home, then what?

China is using A.I.to analyze yours and the data collected of your Children to determine how 🇺🇸icans Think. And with this information, China can use Algorithms to train you how to Vote in Elections. How to think what they want you to think. It’s more simple to do than you think. Just one simple way to Control 🇺🇸 and put individuals friendly to China and Chinese Needs in Office. But you are addicted to TikTok, are your kids?

And China Wins!

The Only clean way to solve TikTok is a Clean Breakaway before you can no longer live without it. Before your kids are consumed by the Chinese.