Unbelievable! Russia is Bannistering NATO into War!

Taking down an American Reaper Drone being flown for NATO over International Airspace and International Waters by Russia Pilots and Russia Rewards its Pilots with This-

The Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” (Russian: Медаль ордена «За заслуги перед Отечеством») was established on 2 March 1994 by Presidential Decree No.442.[1] Its award criteria were modified on 6 January 1999 by Presidential Decree 19[3] and again on 7 September 2010 by Presidential Decree 1099.[4] The medal of the Order is divided into two classes, the first and the second, it is further divided into a civilian and a military division, the medal of the military division is awarded “with swords” and its criteria differ from those of the civilian division.[5]

Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”

America was flying the Reaper Drone for NATO. For Observation Purposes. And been doing it for a very longtime.

Awarding Medals for taking Criminal Acts Against America by Russian Military Personnel is setting up for a real War between Russia and NATO. These were Direct Attacks with full intentions of causing War. You don’t give Medals out except as proof that this was a very intentional Act or an Intentional Act of War against NATO. A true Provocation for War. A Deliberate Act!

And this is a rub in the face of all NATO Members with Russian Bear Shit. A Call to Arms is Coming! Russia is preparing for a First Strike Nuclear War against all NATO Nations. There simply isn’t any other explanations since Medals were handed out.


Shoigu on Friday presented the Russian pilots with Medals for “preventing the violation of the borders of the special operation area by the American MQ-9 Reaper drone,” RIA reported.