DALLAS COWBOYS to the rescue!!!!


Talk to GOD! God’s Office Hours…are “OPEN 24/7”. No reservation needed!

“Thank you for your kind words and your kind works, they will be rewarded.”  A statement of praise or of utter humiliation?  Hmm… Words and sentences can truly be double-edged swords by how they are said and the actual moments of their delivery.   Now this is especially true when it comes to Race and what’s… Continue reading Talk to GOD! God’s Office Hours…are “OPEN 24/7”. No reservation needed!

Life-Live it!

If you want to see some pretty cool cars, then just “click” on the 1st “Life-Live it” under the Hot Rod picture of the dragster and see some nice rides for sure. Life-Live it! Life-Live it! Life-Live it! Life-Live it!  Life-Live it!        

GO NAVY! This Salute is to You and all that You do for all of us, Americans!

For all you Navy Fans, Enjoy! 

And if you think for a minute that our Military, Our Armed Forces got it easy-Don’t!  The US Navy does its fair share of carrying the load of National Defense as witnessed by many of these two hundred plus pictures.  They and their families make tremendous sacrifices.  They do! They really do.

All Deployments are tough, damn tough, and all re-locations are rough on the spouses and the kids as well.  At some Ports, they meet alienation by the local inhabitants that only add to the difficulty of them doing their ever timely jobs.

Constant moves from one base or port to another does take a toll.  Yes Sir! Yes Ma’am!  They take a Toll.  The pictures you are enjoying here are from their sacrifices made by some of the most amazing men and women in our US Navy, some in the US Army, and even some in the US Air Force.  And all of these sacrifices must be made for you and me and all of us, that’s right, for all of us every single day.  God Bless all of them and may God keep all of the US Armed Forces warm in His Divine Bosom…the living breathing James Brown, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

A Panther’s Father II and A Panther’s Father III  are scheduled for publication in 2019 and the contracts have already been signed.

But being on a ship or Overseas, having a fun read is a gosh darn good thing.  I did my part, now you do yours and share this with someone.  And oh yeah, the first book is all over the Internet, but you are smart and you can figure that out.  But let me give you a tip-it’s cheapest at Lulu.com for the printed book.  Bye from Texas.

To my son on a USS Destroyer-I love you, son, God Speed!