US ARMY VETERAN’S PRAYER (1973). Mine then…Ours today.



~to hear this prayer as prayed by the author onYouTube-

Just read the following aloud and make this prayer that I have been praying since 1973 your daily prayer too.  God loves you and God will listen.  Don’t be afraid.  Just do it.

Just go for it-

Dear Most Gracious Heavenly Father, please forgive me of my sins.

Thank you for everything that You have given me and everything that You will give me.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to see another wonderful day.

Please Lord, be with everyone in the World, including myself.

Please guide and direct us, protect us, and keep all of us warm in Your Bosom.

Lord, please allow Your Presence to be with each and every one of us to cause a calming affect upon ourselves, a calming affect upon all who see us, hear us, or speak to us.

Please give us a good day, good night, safe day, safe night, let no one get hurt.

Please Lord help us to be better Christians, better witnesses, and let none of us gossip.

Please Lord, give us good dreams, safe dreams, no bad dreams, no evil dreams.

Please Lord, give us good thoughts, safe thoughts, no bad thoughts, no evil thoughts.


Love to God’s Spirit.

Love to God’s Angels.


Jesus Name,


Basic Training pic

Top row, 2nd from the left.

jeep picture (1)

Author at Fort Hood driving an Infantry Major attached to the 1st Calvary.   I got to teach him all about tanks and he taught me all about so many wonderful insightful things.

Tank Training

Author attending A.I.T. at Fort Knox in Armor Crewman Training.img035

Two things that always upset everyone in a tank-throwing a track or getting stuck in the mud.   Both stunk to high heaven for sure. Here at Fort Hood, Texas, an M-60 Main Battle Tank is stuck in the mud-1975.

Now for some Overseas pics-Skating on the river

Ice skating rink in the frozen river.

img058 (2)

View from outside one of the buildings at Camp Casey, South Korea, 2nd Infantry Division.

img056 (2)

Korean family celebrating with a picnic.  View is from side of a mountain looking down.

Picture 286

Proof that GOD IS ALIVE!  My daughter giving her Elvis Wave to me as I took this picture.  She is in a wheelchair and still is.  But she is alive to tell about being shot thru the chest with a .45 caliber handgun.

Between her miraculous survival, and the continuing family healing process from this horrendous gun shooting, and surviving my Overseas Military Deployment, I can promise you that the prayer at the beginning of this is one that I say every day.

I understand folks are always making this and that claim after re-posting a prayer that they guarantee a particular prayer to work.  Maybe they do and maybe they don’t.  I just can’t say nothing about that.  But, this ain’t about that.  And I have tweaked it as I felt a need to.  The spoken is not the complete write you see above.   All I can say is-

I say this prayer because for me, I believe it works and I do actually say it every single day.  Maybe you should give it a try.  God bless you, your family and may God’s Grace be abundant with you…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.