Talk to GOD! God’s Office Hours…are “OPEN 24/7”. No reservation needed!


“Thank you for your kind words and your kind works, they will be rewarded.”  A statement of praise or of utter humiliation?  Hmm…

Words and sentences can truly be double-edged swords by how they are said and the actual moments of their delivery.   Now this is especially true when it comes to Race and what’s really under a person’s skin.  Under the skin?

Don’t much matter what the topside layer is or does it to you?  To someone you know?   Dear Goodness me, how many have no clue what “Jim Crow” was or still is all about.  And it’s not just about smothering just an individual, its about smothering all IGNORANT FOLK.  That’s right.

I’ve studied it, lived it, and it ain’t always been about that top layer. It’s about smothering the NON-EDUCATED and simply put-in HOW YOU TALK and how that talking SOUNDS COMING OUT OF YO MOUTH.  Too many listening to me think I’m the dumbest, most non-educated Texan you ever heard.  Why?

My grandparents-He had a 2nd grade education and she had a 3rd grade education.  So, what once came out of their mouths still comes out of my mouth today.  And humiliation by the truckload was always heaped upon me and it might be heaped upon you today or tomorrow.

But hear this!

Hear me now!

Let that shit fly! 

Most importantly, talk and love God!  Talk to God, God, GOD!

If more people would take the time to talk to GOD, then there wouldn’t be near the problems and issues in America today.  Read your Bible.  Go back to Church.  Engage in the productive and the positive.

Leave ignorance to the ignorant and pull yourself up to who you want to be in life, inspire others with your heroic life battles, and become educated not to please anyone but yourself…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author

Here are some pictures of Black Contributions to all of us.  I, for one, am proud to have all of my black friends and my black family.  How about you?  Meaningful contributions for all to see.  But also, there is a past that still comes back to haunt everyone and two pics show it- the “Hiring of Slaves”  document pics from 1851 with their names listed.  Is your family name just one of the ones listed?