Is America Divided? Let’s ask Tom Landry


James Brown
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James Brown

the living breathing James Brown
Is America Divided?  Hmm…now, I just wonder what ole Tom Landry, legendary Head Coach of the infamous Dallas Cowboys whose statue is seen here erected just outside AT&T Stadium, would say on this one? 
I can’t talk for the Nation, but I can talk about the need for a unified team.  A real team bonded together with every mind focused on only one thing and that one thing is winning.  Without it, you only become lethargic and separated and then you become part of the bigger list of losers“-Tom Landry 
Is America divided?  There are those that want you to think that all Americans are now Divided.  Well, I say that is just not true and don’t think for a second that all of us are Divided-that’s some of that loser talk from the ones belittling all of us and the same ones who would love to Destroy all of the USA and how we live and how we think.
Don’t buy into that crap for a second cause it will only help generate more fear that none of us need.  Feeding America’s fear mongering minds has got to end and the sooner you learn that maybe you have been pre-programmed for more fear every day is just not the way to live this life.  Life is more than humping-up on more fear talk, more fear Media,  searching for more Internet Viral Fear Posts, and fear is just more things that only upset you and me and all of us.  Let that stuff go.  Don’t feed into it.
Leave it alone.  Let it go.  Life is beautiful and meaningful.  Enjoy life, but most importantly, enjoy YOUR LIFE.
And don’t buy into all the Hate Talk about all the different Political Parties.  It’s just stupid rhetoric from Politicians and I wouldn’t want to bet my last dollar on any Politicians.  They only talk what their party members want to hear.  It’s just the way things are done.  Don’t get upset.
How we think is the most blessed thing that all of us have going for us-to live in a Country where we can think, talk differences, disagree, and still love the hell out of being an American as a unified team.  We are not losers and none of us lost nothing in these Mid-Term Elections.  We are all Super Stars and you can believe that for sure. Be Proud of who you are and be Proud to be an American. 
Am I right?  You bet I am-
God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.