Do we Have less than Ten Years remaining before Autonomous ‘Killer Robots’ just Like in TERMINATOR are Used to KILL humans?

Will these or Similar Robots one day KILL us?

After watching the above, very real, Video and not FAKED or made up, the question that was presented to us by the Movie, TERMINATOR, Will Robots one day HUNT and KILL us? Is rapidly becoming a reality?

Brilliant Minds have already warned of the IMPACT and possible DANGERS that A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will bring with it. But people will be people. Yes, they will.

The Above Robots, created by BOSTON DYNAMICS, has already SOLD 2/3 of its Company to the South Korean company-Hyundai. And this owner’s share become complete after eight years. And the Price Tag was over a Billion Dollars. But, SPOT, Boston Dynamics’s Robotic Dog is already being used to HUNT People in a Security Setting. I’ve not heard that any have been weaponized as of yet and I believe, but not sure, are completely controlled by a person.

Satellite Communication between Armed Robot and Human Operator will one day become Autonomous because everyone is Concentrating on Killing the Satellites in a War Situation.

Forget THAT! Military Robots and more will be coming out to KILL you or me by its own Programmed Choices. Not thru OTA COMMANDS. The need for Communications Via a Satellite won’t be needed. These Killer Robots will decide who they Kill.

WHY? A nuclear weapons Warhead when these are used in a War situation will KILL Satellites communication capabilities. Yes, it will. One used over a Country or Nine will Kill all of them when used in a certain Array. Then comes out the Killer Robots or they can be Dropped into a War Zone. Just like in the movie, TERMINATOR.

“If we must act in accordance with our interests, driven by our fears of one another, then talk about justice cannot possibly be anything more than talk.”

-Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars

Any Country not up to speed with what is coming could be the Big Losers. And Killer Robots are Coming! Ones capable of running 30 Miles Per Hour are already being tested.

One day, Autonomous Robots will HUNT, FIND, CHASE YOU DOWN, and KILL you without any help by an Outside Human Operator.

Mother Robots will Control the Actions of Ten of them or more at one-time. And they’ll be able to run 16-Hours at a time. Or maybe not. Might be able to work for 60 days at a time. Especially with the advances coming up in Battery technology. But others as well are being made and Tested.

TERMINATOR scared us. It amused us. But it may soon come back to haunt us in real life. Science-Fiction to Real Life. And are we ready?

No, not at all. But they are Coming…You say no way. Get ready. They are Coming. In a Radioactive War Zone, will it matter how we are Exterminated?