The SUFFERINGS Of Men and Women? Are you too Suffering?

Here’s what you been missing-Just How Mature are you? Or Have you become IMMATURE? Yes, people always isolated can become less mature. So, “CLICK” on a site and take the Quizzes-

Emotional Maturity Quiz

You could be surprised after you take LoveToKnow’s emotional maturity quiz. It’s hard to tell whether or not you’re emotionally mature when it comes to your ability to process your feelings. Perhaps it’s time to learn more about yourself as a mature individual dealing with the ups and downs of day-to-day life.

SOURCE1. True or false: I can cope easily with surprises or unexpected changes.

Half and half?

See. They aren’t that difficult. But each generation brings different things to the Table. And some Generations are Very Immature throughout their Lives. Those BORN before 1957 are all very serious, Mature Generations. Afterwards, they became weaker and had everything given to them and remain Immature Kids Today. Very Immature individuals.

Here’s another one-Don’t worry, California is much easier on weaklings-

Well, How Mature are you? Tests don’t Lie. But you might have a much worse condition like Social Anxiety Disorder- Is this YOU?

If you are experiencing anxiety around social interactions such as work, friend or family gatherings, or when out in public, please complete the free social anxiety test below. With social anxiety, it is common to experience both anxious thoughts as well as physical symptoms, which can make it even more difficult to manage in already anxious social situations.

This questionnaire has been adapted from the Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS), a brief self-report assessment for Social Anxiety to test the severity of your symptoms. It consists of a series of 20 questions regarding common symptoms of social anxiety and asks you to rate each symptom by how much you can relate. This questionnaire is not intended to provide a diagnosis or treatment of social anxiety. Please take a few moments to complete this quick questionnaire and review the section below for more information on your score! You may take and retake this questionnaire as many times as you like for FREE.

You could be suffering. Get help. No one likes seeing people suffering.