Since 2009, there have been 250 mass shootings in the United States, resulting in 1418 people shot and killed and 953 people shot and wounded.

Our own Mass Shooting here in Bryan, Texas hurts. Our own home has Cabinets in it from Kent Moore Cabinets where this Mass Shooting took place.

It is very sad. And there isn’t any stopping them in the future.

Once in my Lifetime, I was so upset by Gun Violence here in America that I wrote President Obama. Here is the actual Letter he wrote me back-

But I have no Answers for all of this Insanity of Mass Shootings. People can talk, but I’m not seeing this being resolved.

Pray for the Families that have been affected. This stuff can happen to any of us. At any moment. I live with the pain of my own daughter being shot through her Chest. She survived and I thank God for that blessing. Many families visit their relatives at the Grave Yard.

Don’t take Life for granted. Our Actions do have an effect on others and if you are picking on someone-QUIT IT! STOP IT!

The Gunman who killed at Kent Moore Cabinets said he was being picked on.