Credit Card Consumers can now expect to pay Late Payment FEES thanks to USPS!

Pay This! USPS ain’t gonna Pay your Late Fees! But Consumers using Credit Cards and still using the USPS to make their payments, get ready for Late Charges when your Payment is three weeks old…Three weeks LATE!

Hasn’t happened to you yet? Don’t worry cause your turn is Coming.

Two days ago, I had to make arrangement for the minimum payment to be PAID before my Account was defaulted for a Late Fee thanks solely to the USPS!

And the Major Credit Card Representative I talked with said that they are being SWAMPED by Calls just like mine saying Customers using Snail Mail are now experiencing LATE payment Problems thanks to the USPS. And she had no clue why?

But a payment mailed on the 1st still not received by the 19th? WTF? And it still hasn’t showed up.

But Reports of Delays in Mail are growing uncomfortably and there is an angry rumbling starting to grow in America. One man is determined to wreck your Good Credit Ratings? And you’ll pay thousands more in future loans to his Banker Friends. It’s completely being Orchestrated to aid the Greedy! But few look at that impossibility. It’s all about Making Money! Screwing the Working Man.

Mail sent to me here in my own Hometown has to go to Frigging Houston, Texas before it comes back here and then to me. And it takes THREE WEEKS! PURE BULLSHIT!

What Mad Idiot COW is now in Charge? And last week, I got a Christmas Card mailed before Xmas.

There is a huge growing Problem with the USPS Mail today. And it is in OUR FACE!

Just wait, your turn is Coming!!!

And Voting by Mail is gonna screw who? WHO?