Boy Howdy! Just when you think all this is going Fantastic in man’s way, here Comes the Most Deadliest COVID Variant yet? One that is not only the Deadliest but will KILL in 72 Hours. Over the span of a mere week, entire families could be DEAD! And the News Media is SHOCKED with tons of SHOCK NEWS STORIES of this Deadliest Variant. Governments RACE to CLOSE ALL BORDERS. AIR TRAVEL IS HALTED! Cargo Ships remain at Sea. Nothing is moving. Everywhere. It is just like the LAST MAN ON EARTH Movie. And the WORLD is pissed, beyond all Anger. All of the World is told to Stay inside. But dang, this one travels in the atmosphere and doesn’t need a Host. But why did this Happen?

A stock photo of a white background with blood dripping down from the top edge.
  1. Which Country it comes from? This one coming from China would be beyond All Believe and deplorable.
  2. An ANTI-Getting The Vaccine is the Guilty First Variant Creator of the latest Deadliest Variant.
  3. A Political I Ain’t gonna Get the Shot is the First Variant Creator of the latest Most Deadliest Variant.

Right now. Brazil and India have the greatest possibility of being the HOTSPOT which creates this New and extremely Deadly Variant. Michigan could too. Also, Florida might be the bedrock of the Killer Strain. But the more and more and more the Covid Virus bounces around from person to Person, the Deadliest Variant of all times has the potential of being created by mutation. And will this one be completely IMMUNE to Vaccines.

No. This newest and Deadliest Covid Variant hasn’t found a root person just yet. But chances are looking better statistically every day. The MUTATIONS are being found everywhere. NEW ONES with Mutated Genomes. But when it does take place. Don’t you think one is coming? And when It does, It will be like a Shotgun Blast in Mankind’s Face. And this one could KILL 3/4 the of the World’s Population. Killing almost everyone in each infected town in a month. IN A MONTH! Entire Cities with 70% Dead in 30 days.

Don’t say No Way! No Way? This Virus is a Killer and it is Deadly already. All it needs is a Chance to connect with the right person and BAM! It’s created thru mutation. Or it could Mutate with another Virus or entire the Right Animal Species and become the Deadliest Virus ever to come.

Sure, the World has High Hopes the Vaccines will make us Safe. But the Mutated Virus doesn’t care about what we are doing, the Virus is only concerned with what it is doing. And it has Goals of its own to make all of us Sick and hopefully Kill all of us. We are it’s Enemy. Not it’s friend.

But will the Super Variant come out this year? Maybe. Maybe, It will be next year.. Maybe. It will not come in our lifetimes.

Yes, there never will be one? Or just wishful thinking? But Luck doesn’t play into any of this. The Science supports a much worse Variant is indeed coming and that is what I don’t want to see. Neither do you. Neither do any of us.

A Miracle Cure Vaccine is the only chance I see possibly coming out that will SAVE the last 1/3 of the World’s Population. And to get it. That Vaccine might cost all who are able to get it between $10,000-$100,000 Dollars.

Yes. I figure that Last Vaccine that man will have just enough time to manufacture just enough Doses to save the last 1/3 of the World’s Population. If that is really possible. It could be just too late for Man as this last Virus might come about too quickly and Spread too quickly. And kill too quickly.

Or the Cure could be kept ONLY in the Country that creates it and the quagmire of Issues are too mind-boggling to even think about. Every Have and Have Not type of QUESTION will arrive. But between the Massive Kill-Offs and watching who will Live is completely incomprehensible with the tantalizing realizations of thoughts of How man will come to Rule man afterwards. And Rule the entire World? What’s left of it. And just trying to make sure you have enough of every kind of Craft to make it work? Enough Skilled People?

Or if there is No Rescue Cure coming. Then it would be like the Movie-The Last Man on Earth.


It’s only a guessing game now…and only time will tell…Mankind’s final Outcome.

So, I’m thinking you can expect a New Deadliest Covid Variant coming before a Life Ending Comet hits the Earth. Lol…

Now. I’m laughing I wrote this stupid shit. The Joke is on me for wasting so much time or did I? Could this Happen? Oh no, Netflix will make a Movie about It. Lol…too funny.