Handguns and Bullets, where do you Stand?

TEXAS is a Gun-Slinging State. I became a DPS Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor by attending the 6th Class of Instruction in Austin, Texas. It was a very good Course and the huge Responsibility that goes along with teaching Texans a Course of Instruction in the Deadly Art of Stopping a person by use of a Handgun was an eye-opener. It was not a game. No way close to a Video Game. And in our Class, we were from every Part of the State and from many different backgrounds. But that was a long time ago. And after renewal of my Instructors License. I continued to teach and then stopped. But why did I stop,?

Simple. Texans are some Stupid People when it comes to their Handguns. And a ton of them are so BELOW a minimum of Competent Ability to Use a Handgun that many are absolutely a Danger to themselves. If you don’t PRACTICE using your Handgun, you might be best by never pulling it out and having your Handgun taken away from you by the Bad Actor. Stupid People do Stupid Stuff. And I’m not talking to the ones well-trained and up to speed. But. When the adrenaline kicks in. Who are you gonna be spraying Bullets at?

But do I think that Texas should Pass a Everyone Can Carry Law with No License to Carry at all? Sure. Why not. It’ll be fun to see just exactly How Stupid some people will get. And if the Bad Actors are already going to be carrying a Handgun, then ABSOLUTELY, the Good Actor should be legally able to carry too.

Texas And the rest of America has reached a point in Time where Criminals must be STOPPED and we must put Handguns into more Hands of Decent Folks to help COMBAT all of these MASS Shooters. Having more Carrying will greatly increase the Chances of someone being around with a Handgun to stop a Mass Shooter. And we must do this.

And sure, Stupid people will be Stupid by pulling out their Handgun to show a friend at an inappropriate time. But, they already do this. But People want to Carry and do so legally. Being able to walk into a Gas Station with a Handgun on you might be a Do you live or die day or moment?

Wanna Live or Die? This is not a Let’s Look at the Human Side of this Individual Moment when you pull your Handgun. And knowing this might help most-When you pull your Handgun. Would other Texans see your actions as being Prudent, Correct and Right? Completely Justified?

Or Stupid? Remember-Stupid ain’t got NO Defense. And you will be held Accountable. But you have to Survive a Deadly Encounter before you worry about the legal Ramifications. And whether or not you will need a Lawyer.

If you Pull and Use your Handgun. You will 100% need a Lawyer by your side. And if you Just Pull and Point your Handgun at anyone, you most likely,100%, will be Arrested and 100% need a Lawyer. And COST you Money!

So, $5000-$100,000 is a good Bet on how much a Lawyer is gonna charge you depending on show Stupid you get with your Handgun.

But a ton of folks are already carrying illegally and why not Legalize the ones who can legally buy and own a Handgun. All other Laws still Apply. So Nutts need not Carry? But some will. Any slimmy Crook can buy a Handgun at a GUN Show and they will carry it. And USE it on us Texans.

Now, why do I say Stupid Folks will Carry too? While I was teaching. I always asked my students why they wanted a Carry License and sure. Some were the Correct Reasons and then came out the most Stupid of Stupid reasons I had ever heard. Gonna kill them if they steal my grandmother’s picture. I’ll chase them down across Town and pump them full of Holes.

And these Fools were serious with a whole Arsenal of Stupid Justifications. But that made me Quit Teaching the Course. But the stupid ones were only a minority of my Students and not the Majority.

But should the Texas Legislators PASS a Carry Law like another 20 States have? Why not. TEXAS is pro-Gun and we need to live up to our Billing. Let’s all carry a Handgun and we can all Shoot the Bad Actors where Life is in Danger. And to Stop Kidnappings. We Need to STOP A MASS SHOOTER if possible.

But we cannot forget that the Bullets we fire are OURS and if you kill an Innocent person or Injure them, you will be held responsible.

But if all of Texas bought Carrying My Handgun Insurance like Car insurance. Then that would help with the worry about Liabilities and injury lawsuits. I’ve never believed anyone who passes the License to Carry Course should ever need to retake it. But instead, to get it renewed by Mail and that’s it. Updated pics of Holders using New Driver License Photos. Retesting is unnecessary. It is…but that’s my Opinion. Not everyone else. But we don’t need to keep Testing the Ones who have already gotten it. TEXAS is wasting a whole lot of folks time and resources.

So. Let’s Carry our Handguns, PASS That NEW LAW, and then maybe they will let us smoke some Happy smoke too because Most People are experiencing Pandemic ANXIETY OR DEPRESSION and most won’t go to a Doctor. But they would buy and smoke a joint to alleviate their mental stress. Most Users would rather go out and illegally buy a Joint and smoke it than go to the Doctor. Why? $$$$$ it comes down to Money and wishing to not become addicted to pain meds.

I’m sorry, I saw Weed Use Overseas and I saw no problems with that. The ones using it did not interfere with Our Mission. And I often wondered if the Government was behind the Sale of that there? But most smoked it for Mental Stress. For Anxiety from Vietnam War. And it appeared to work.

So what is the hangup here in Texas For small Use legality? MEXICAN CARTELS HOLDING IT UP? So they can get Money to Lobbyists? Who? Someone is On the TAKE. I’m convinced of it…small use, small amounts is a Win-Win Situation.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com