Find Happy Again! EVERYBODY!

2020 was an incredibly Sukie Year! Man, it Sucked! Everyone hated it except the RICH who made $Trillions from it. From you and me!!! Made a butt load of money during all that Locked down Bullshit. But I ain’t hating. Millionaires and Billionaires who never paid me no never mind. I never paid them no never mind either. Man, my money is so far from a million it makes a penny cry a river. But now, we are Out of 2020 and we must find Happy again.

It’s now ,honestly, time to MOVE ON! But there are those that keep grabbing about boot strings trying to always drag us back into it. Sure, there were some very Historical moments in it like in all years. And they either made you cry or joy or nothingness. But enough said.

Finding Happiness isn’t that difficult if you’ll drop out of that Anxiety or Depression that is still lingering on with many of us. But each of us must find our Happy again. And here’s a great Movie to get Happy again with-

Or a Book? Books that make us Happy. Help us. Heal us. And here’s one I highly recommend unknown to main stream America, but SOLD Worldwide-

And if you Order it from Amazon. BE CAREFUL! Make Sure you are buying from AMAZON in your Own Country as it is Sold Worldwide.

Or Rock Out!


Or do Cartoons Make you Happy?

Or a silly Movie?

But whatever makes you Happy, it’s 2021 and Past time to get Happy Again. And Happy we must return to.

Whatever Made You Upset in 2020, it’s Time to DROP IT!

Let whatever it was GO!

No one can grow with Hate in your Heart. Hate in your words. Hate in your TEXTS. Hate in your emails. Hate in everything you now do? Got to let go of that negative stuff. 2020 DIED in 2020. Leave that Dead Stuff in 2020. In your rearview mirror.

And you’ll be so very Happy when you let it go. Right now. It’s like a stack of books sitting on your chest. It’s keeping you upset And you can’t keep continuing in this direction. Time do do a Major Personal Reset.

And all of us can do this. But start small. Make TODAY your 1st Day. Your 1st day of the new Happier you. And if you’ll keep everything in your own manageable mental boxes, write them down if need be, you will be successful And then enters the new you.

And if you need to pray to get Happy, then get to doing it again.

Congratulations! I know you can make it happen…and so do you.