Are you one of the millions of parents or guardians who were suddenly thrust into mainstream School Teaching due to the Pandemic? And at Home at that? And suddenly, You have been educated into How So NOT Easy Teaching your child really is? And just Reaching your Child too? Connecting with your child on a whole nother Level?

So, how’d you make out? Could you tell some things?

  1. How unbelievably different the School Work had changed?
  2. How difficult It is to find anything that could Help Tutor you?
  3. And did you pull out any hairs?
  4. Or yell at your youngster?

But were you asked questions that really upset you? And without notice. You were asked uncomfortable questions like when they asked you to explain the George Floyd Movement? And how much of your Answer was a tattletale on your own Beliefs that had become so much in line with a certain amount of Neanderthal that it’s not even funny. Yes. Oh My! You were asked and you revealed a side of you that your child didn’t even know existed. And did you modernize your Game or keep it 50-90 years Old? Talking that grandparent rhetoric? You know, not reaching your child in their terms?

Or did you Opt out and not teach a thing? But that wasn’t your fault in some cases where Virtual Learning wasn’t a part of your Life because you still didn’t have WiFi or one that had Speed quick enough to enable Virtual Learning. Yes. Just like which neighborhoods that weren’t shown an equal amount of infrastructures Spending. You found out how much in the Cold you were left. I know. I know. I know. Just a mile from our Home they stopped laying Fiber Optic cable. And how much did you or your child not understand what the Heck the Teacher was saying? Some of it is very difficult to migrate through.

Trust me. I know. It was and still is a creepy kind of time right now where even the Student became the Teacher too? At Times. Yes, they did. And did you have someone, anyone who could help you too? But like millions, you didn’t find the help you needed. Not the real help with your Student son or daughter back in school? It’s like the World had turned on all if us. And how many blamed GOD? But did it, has it gone as you imagined it would go? Or was if far worse? And how much new information did you absorb too?

But have you suddenly walked away with a New Understanding of How Difficult Teaching is for a Teacher? Add a bunch if students into a room and a Teacher and How do they teach the entire Group? Man, that is some fine multitasking skills a good teacher has. And did you improve yours skills as they read and you made peanut jelly sandwiches? And how many corners on meal making diff you use? Lots of Fast Food? Lots of quick sandwiches? What? Yes, what did you use?

But while you learned to Teach. You missed out on when Texas Teachers were subjected to one instance of Ostracizing Teachers after another by Texas Legislators. So much that they blamed their stupid kids in the stupidity of the Teachers are REQUIRED all of them to take a Test to keep their teacher Certification. The Blamers blamed the Teachers as their excuse because they wanted to Justify paying Teachers less than Prison Guards. But the Test proved the Teachers had indeed earned their Diplomas and their Teacher Certifications and knew their Bees Wax or How to Teach.

And the smoke didn’t clear there frim that Battle over Not to Pay Teachers a fair pay when here comes the Federal Government screwing them Teachers over too. The State Legislators couldn’t beat them, so they asked Big Brother in Federal Government to do it for them.

So Congress Burned burned down the Gates to Hades and came up with the Windfall Profits Tax or WEP. And you better damn well pay Attention to the next because in Texas, Texas Teachers are Screwed Twice more, twice OVER when they Retire-


Many of us are counting on ours, or our spouses’, Social Security Benefits for a significant part of our retirement income. But, if you or your spouse are government workers or teachers, you may be in for a surprise with Social Security WEP and GPO offsets. What are these offsets? WEP is short for the Windfall Elimination Provision and GPO is short for the Government Pension Offset. Both could adversely affect how much money you’ll receive in retirement — and your Social Security checks may be a lot smaller because of them.

So, you felt like you were put thru the ringer by teaching your child at home? Many are saying so. And many put their Lives or CAREERS On Hold to stay Home and teach. But now, you know what a Teacher must endure but only a tiny basis. But not nearly the entire picture.

And now, Teachers are facing crazy New Laws preventing them from discussing whatever is going on in the News when Students ask. Not to ever teach anything that could paint a Negative Picture about Republicans. And suddenly, the Texas Legislators have grown into their own Fearful Thoughts of a Democratic Takeover here in Texas? What? Insanity knows no Boundaries. And who flys to CANCUN during the Greatest ICE STORM to hit Texas in Modern History? Congress does for Partying?

Now. If you had a hard time, I feel your pain but not as much as I felt for my own wife while she taught kids in the Texas School System for 36 years. And thanks to WEP, she receives only $400 from Social Security although she has enough Work Years in the Private Sector to earn $800 a month. And take out for Medicare and she makes a tiny amount from Social Security. And if I die 1st, GPO l, my wife might not make it on her own as they Strip out more Social Security Money out of mine to screw her for having ever been a Texas Teacher. It’s Unbelievable! Totally Incompetence of the Highest Order and the Best Texas Teacher Screw Jobs ever done to them next to having them Re-Exam just to keep their Teaching Certifications.

And I know all of the millions Parents have had their hands full. I completely get it and I sympathized with all of you. But Dear God. there weren’t anyone WOKE ENOUGH to see how horribly these Texas Teachers have and will be treated in their Lifetimes. The Screw is really on for them. For my wife and I both to have worked many years in the Private Sector and then for her to be treated less than Cow Manure under a Cowboy’s Boot? And money truthfully earned to be Denied in retirement? Fair? Hell No it’s not fair and it’s a bad way to treat a woman with 36 years of Teaching.

And how come all of these Legislators are always ATTACKING the Texas Teachers as if they don’t have nothing else to fight about or spend hours discussing everybody years.

But the Legislators lack of foresight really screwed Texas over by not keeping all Neighborhoods up to speed with Fast Internet Access and Speed. Just like lack of foresight on the Texas Power Grid. But blame whoever you want cause your single Voice is never heard. They do not Care. I know. I saw all the Bullcorn my wife had to endure.

And if you Taught your kids from home during the Pandemic I Salute you and know this. You are really appreciated! Than you so very much for doing such a fine thing! Way to go!

But for those who do care, WEP and GPO need to be Repealed. They are Bad Laws truly hurting Texas Teachers! Please do your part and exercise Your Voice!

Write CONGRESS! And Complain! Let them know you do not want Texas Teachers to be screwed over any Longer! Enough is Enough!