Was a 2Nd Big Bang the real Universe Builder? But not visually separate…

Remember the Golden Rule? KISS? Keep it Simple STUPID? But we cannot overlook Physics.

And many a mind has been pondering what took place in the Very Beginning. And one Big Bang Theory after another has come about. So, keeping it Simple is this-

The Universe began with something very similar to an Atomic Explosion. WTH? Yes, the Outer Explosion was natural just like the simple explosive material surrounding the outside of the nuclei that you want to split. And when it exploded, the sudden explosion caused the 2nd Big Bang which was the one comprised of Dark Matter and in the center. Taking place so quickly that the entire Big Bang cannot be Observed separate and apart from the 2nd Big Bang. Just like trying to visually see both explosions in an Atomic Bomb Explosion. You know it takes place, but thus can only be proven theoretically. Because it takes place so quickly. And Physics supports this idea. A Theory or just a good Guess?

So, the non-Dark Matter surrounded the Dark Matter. The outter exploded causing the inner or Dark Matter to explode. Thus the Big Bang Theory just got an immense combined Two Explosion Start and not one slow one at all. No, this was a ‘Ball Ripper’ Explosion just like a real Atomic Explosion is.

And that’s why we are here Today…😉