China is “Deep Clawing” Mexican Cartels!

Here’s more Proof of the deepening ties between China and The Mexican Cartels! Money Clawing Activities Revealed!

Chinese Nationals were laundering money for Mexican drug cartels in late 2015.

But the Chinese-Chinese-Cartel Connections are so deep that they may never be broken. Billions of Dollars are being LAUNDERED thru China! And then the Washed Money goes back to The Cartels who are Buying a Big Hands into America. Yes, the Cartels know who’s palms to grease both in Mexico and in Texas and 🇺🇸. It’s deep rooted. And the Cartels are Selling the Illegal Chinese Drugs to 🇺🇸! It’s all part of Deep Clawing!

And a full Investigation must take place to trail the Money to see who is a Puppet of the Cartels here and in Mexico and in China.