Is Rap Music Causing all of Today’s Violence in America?

Are you Black or Militant Black?

Are you White or Militant White?

Are you Hispanic or Militant Hispanic?

DON’T shoot the Questioner? And I’m only asking you what you think about the Subject? The Subject of Rap…?

Do you believe Rap Music is to blame for the Violence Surge in America Today? If so, defend your position to me. Please.

But we’re not even going to trounce upon the 1st Amendment and I’m not going in that direction, but are you? But you might. You might say the Freedom of Speech has been “Checked”. But no matter, here’s some Articles I found-

Freshness on this Subject isn’t out there. Most Articles are Old as all get out. Been written from the point of View of IT’S the Cause! But isn’t it an expression by the Artists of SEE ME! KNOW MY WORLD TOO?

But I laugh when I borrowed my son’s car with its Super BOOM BOX in it that made your teeth chatter twenty feet away. Well, I had to pick my son up at College and as I drove out, a Cop had a kid pulled over.

So, I reached over and CRANKED IT UP as I drove by and the Cop looked straight down at the ground and the Kid looked at the Car BOOMING LOUD RAP smiling ear to ear as we drive by. A story I’m sure he still tells his friends today. The Cop probably does too. And I laughed. It was amusing to me. Stupid me…

Sure, I did wrong, but I also busted the tension in that scene. I saw a ton of fear on that kids face before I did it. Lol…Again, DON’T Shoot the Questioner. And yes, some Rap songs I sung too. Lol

But what do you think? Are you a Hater of Rap or a Militant Hater of Rap?

Have a great Day!