How do we Hit Reset?

2020 was a doozy of a year. People got mad about lots of things. Sitting at home in Covid Lockdown and watching the same Upsetting News all day long. Even the Talk Shows became Rewind Shows of the News. It’s was horribly upsetting to many people. And now, millions of Americans have pent up Anger that has grown in them for a very long time.

Then you are Texting or Whatever and the next thing you know, someone shoots you the Middle Finger and instantly. You return the Jester. And in more Cases, these instantaneous Road Rage instances grow into such Violence that someone gets Shot or Hurt. A car swipes your car and you hit theirs.

But WHOA! These violent confrontations are something that keeps getting Worse. Even in Stores. People are ranting and raving over minor problems. But more and more people are instantly ready for Violence at the drop of a Hat. It’s Horrible.

But How do we Hit Reset? Pull back our Anger? How?

  1. We have to Admit that it is Real. Road Rage is not a Game.
  2. We must Diffuse our own Anger before we try to diffuse the other person’s anger.
  3. WAVE, and mouth I’M Sorry! Toward the other driver who is Upset. Put up your hands up as if you are Surrendering too. If so needed.
  4. But don’t further escalate the Problem.
  5. And DO NOT FLASH or pull out a Firearm. This Firearm pointed towards some one is gonna come back to bite you big time.

But again, How do we Hit the Reset Button? We have. Americans are not Out of Control Outlaws. We aren’t. It’s just that everyone’s Nerves have been stretched thin and Anger isn’t too far behind.

But where are The Individuals with the Kind Hearts? Don’t hide in the shadows. Come forward and help teach 🇺🇸 how to Hit the Reset Button. We must.

We must learn to Love Ourselves and Love Each Other. Pulling a gun or using your car or truck during a Road Rage Event can put you or someone you know behind bars in a Prison. All over an instant Blowing Our Top! Blowing Our Fuzes!

And it’s time to pull back on that Rope and remember who we were in 2019! Yes, 2019. None of us want to remember 2020. And so many people are so gosh darn apprehensive about 2021. No one Trusting anyone.

Everyone is Not Your Enemy. It’s going to be Okay. Drop the Watching the News or whatever you’ve been doing that obviously is keeping you Angry and ready the Fight Anyone. Stop it. Let it go.

Be Kind to someone you Love! Be Nice again like you were in 2019. Just Do it. Don’t get so upset.

And if you’re a Peacemaker. Get busy and step in when you can to End a bad situation by Nice Peaceful Talking.

So. Let’s do better, shall we? And all of us Hit Our Reset Buttons!

So, Chill, Mellow Out, Unwind. Share a Smile. Tell a Joke!