China Threatens to NUKE JAPAN a 2nd Time…A Most Dangerous Time we Live in TODAY!

CCP Vows to Nuke Japan Continuously Until It Surrenders Unconditionally for the Second Time! China ain’t the same Old China! They are the New Out of Control Threatening GOVERNMENT of China!

A video reposted by a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee in northeastern China on Sunday (July 11) threatens to “continuously use nuclear bombs” against Japan if it attempts to interfere with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

On Sunday, the Baoji Municipal Committee of the CCP reposted a video to the YouTube-like platform Xigua. In the 5-minute video, created by military commentary channel “Liujun Taolue” (六军韬略), the narrator calls for nuclear attacks against Japan if it attempts to defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack and proposes a “Japan Exception Theory.”

Man, shit doesn’t get more strange than that. Talking Openly Nuking another Country is scary stuff. And you don’t think this Video hasn’t pissed off millions of Japanese? China is Ready for another World War where they believe they’ll Win and Make the World a Chinese World. Sad. Completely madness and insanity tied together. This is where China reminds me of How Much North Korean they have in Their Ideology and their News Threats.

US range estimates for China’s Julang-2 SLBM vary considerably, but most are around 7,200+ km.

The latest range estimates of 7,000+ km (NASIC) to 7,400+ km (DOD) show continued uncertainty within the U.S. Intelligence Community about the JL-2 capability. But both estimates also reaffirm that the missile cannot be used to target the continental United States from Chinese waters. Doing so would require a range of at least 8,400 km – and that would only reach Seattle. To target Washington DC from Chinese waters, the range would have to be at least 11,000 km. With the current range estimate of about 7,200+ km, a JL-2 equipped SSBN would have to sail deep into the Sea of Japan between the island of Hokkaido and Russia’s Primorsky Krai oblast to target Seattle, or venture far into the Pacific northeast of Tokyo. To target Washington DC, the SSBN would have to sail even further and launch from a position between the Aleutian Islands and Hawaii – more than halfway across the Pacific Ocean. Due to the apparent noise level of Chinese missile submarines and the extensive anti-submarine capabilities of the United States, that would indeed be risky sailing in a war.

Only Crazy Minds toss crazy words of Nuking another Country. Putin has and now China!