Is Dastardly CREEPY SHIT being PLANNED for January 6, 2025?

( I wrote this because I DO NOT WANT TO SEE 🇺🇸 or any of us hurt on the Next January 6, 2025. We must start Open and Honest Discussions and not continuing with these Elections Lies. Too much harm has already befallen 🇺🇸..)

I applaud all Politicians, regardless of their Party Affiliation, who Speaks and Stands Strong behind The Truth. Standing with The Truth is the American Way! Standing Proudly behind LIES I cannot wrap my head around. There is no good word to describe such a person other than what my grandfather used-He would have Called them Cheesy-Butts! Standing behind LIES isn’t Cricket.

Since a whole lot of People are making what took place on January 6, 2021 a None Thing. A Nothing Thing. Well, What’s the January 6, 2025 day gonna LOOK LIKE? Instead of 40,000 People Showing Up, Maybe FOUR MILLION WILL. And what then? What day is this? It’s the day Congress Certifies the State’s Electoral College Votes. But will bad happen? Will bad befall America again?

And if that did happen, would it be Two Opposing Parties coming to Washington, D.C.? And Yes, Sir! It takes two to Tango.

But who will be there? People Showing up just to see what’s gonna take place?

Might be BEST to not Issue any Permits for Assembly on that Day.

But what if HARDCORE MILITIAS show up heavily Armed? And what if this Day marks the DAY a 2nd REVOLUTION started in America?

And since many are still trying to Whitewash January 6, 2021 completely into a simple Nothing Took Place on that Day, are you one of those individuals hiding in our closet unwilling to take a Stand for Right.

Well, I’m one of the People who will ever View JANUARY 6. 2021 as being Nothing and that Nothing Took Place.

BY GOD! IT DID! And I’m still Convinced Trump attempted to OVERTHROW the Government of the United States. Yes, he did and Not just on ONE single Day. And he left a Snail Trail of Phone Calls, Emails, and others items now coming out with Unbelievable Proof that Trump is Highly Dangerous to America. He Called upon others to Support His Bullshit of Election Hogwash! But is it just him? Or is he the Puppet for Others who are giving Record Donations.

The Big Money Behind the Big Lie

Donald Trump’s attacks on democracy are being promoted by rich and powerful conservative groups that are determined to win at all costs.

Folks, at what point are you going to Quit assuring the Rest of 🇺🇸 that Trump is a Great Fellow? A great what? And how can anyone Ignore what he did and what he continues to do telling His Lies over and over and over?

I hope Social Media BANS HIM FOR LIFE! I do. He is uncontrollable and My Life is BETTER without the TRUMP SHOW being daily BROADCAST, being BLASTED on the Media 24/7. What he did leading up to and on January 6 is Danger right in the face of 🇺🇸. We have been warned and yet. He keeps amassing more and more Followers of Politicians willing to Accept whatever Lie the man dishes out. And that is DANGER in the face of 🇺🇸.

DAMMIT! Any and all Politicians who do not GO Along with Trump’s Lies are Labeled THE ENEMY. And they are ATTACKED AND Threatened! We cannot allow such Dangerous behavior of Bullying to take place here in America. We don’t ALLOW BULLYING IN SCHOOL. Then why do we sit by and watch an Old ex-president do it? Don’t ignore what he is doing and then say that His Actions aren’t DANGEROUS. They are!

And how many times did what Trump say or Post Online put the Lives of others in Danger? More than once. And there are individuals think that kind of Bad Acting is alright. Well. It’s not alright to me. I cannot and won’t and I don’t Accept it. And neither Should any of 🇺🇸.

I am concerned about Our Children wanting to be just like Trump. Trump is a Very Dangerous Man. I fully believe it. His Lies he keeps repeating are DANGEROUS to our Nation. The New Election Laws he is responsible for Implementing has moved America BACKWARDS. Yes, backwards like all of us woke up to FUCKTARD LAND! Where Trolls and Trolling is the New Normal.

When I watched, like you did too, of seeing the most Powerful Man at one time in the World telling everyone Crazy Zany Misinformation as His Truth, I became very concerned. But when PEOPLE I knew were caught repeating His Lies, I then became even more concerned. Were all Of These people being fed a special Brainwash Medication? Were Subliminal Messaging being used on them? WTF was it? I’m sorry, I never became a Trump Addict. I never came to need me A daily FIX of Trump. But many, many, many did. THEY ARE TRUMP ADDICTS!

I am still not understanding How so many became convinced that Trump could do no Harm. Could do no Bad. Could do No Evil. His Actions are tearing this Country apart. And that all he did was in the Best Interest of our Country? No way. But I did not accept all that he said, what he was saying as Gospel. I had to FACT CHECK him many, too damn many times. And I hoped he’d get better. But he got Worse as if he was being consumed into what he was believing by what he found on the Internet as if the Internet Gods were helping him or cursing him. At times, that he’d be telling the Truth. And there were times, but actually, He Knows Better. He knows everything he does when he does it. And I’m convinced that he believes all of 🇺🇸 is just so damn stupid. Really Dumb. And Guess what? We are Not Stupid. We are not the Dimwits he said we were.

No, I believe all of his Rich Pampering prepared him for the Business World but he is not good with all of 🇺🇸 as a Whole. That Rich Training didn’t prepare him for 🇺🇸 and all of its Citizens. Heck, he never expected to Win the First Time. And has said so repeatedly. But when it became obvious he had lost the 2nd Time around, he flipped-out and went damn Skippy Mad with Actions that have to be considered as possibly Criminal. Aren’t they? Criminal with no accountability.

But Where are the Criminal Charges? Where? I don’t understand How Billionaires EXIST, but I sure Don’t Understand or ACCEPT their ALL ARE ALWAYS ABOVE THE LAW! Do you?

But with what we’ve all seen surrounding January 6, aren’t you the least bit concerned that the Next Presidential Election will be where Trump Unleashes the Most Unbelievable Onslaught against Elections in American History. Maybe, Tenfold worse. And I’m thinking with the help of his Indoctrinated Trump-Branded Politicians, we are going to be in for a World of Hurt. Unsettling Upsetness.

  1. Election Results will be Stalled for Weeks. Maybe even Months.
  2. State’s Secretary of State Elected Officials will be more inclined to Stall with Election Results like Never Before. Some may even change them. Or State Congress changing Results also.
  3. Lawsuits on Election Results will pop-up like Never BEFORE.
  4. The Next Presidential Election will be the Most Historical because of all the Unneeded EXTRA BULLSHIT that will accompany it. And it’s damn sure coming. And such a damn shame to see us get to this point.
  5. And the Street Protests will be Unlike Anything you’ve ever seen. Trump Supporters will be lined up in Golf Carts Everywhere, blocking Freeways and ready to Bear Arms if he asks them to. And that’s the Super Scary Part.
  6. Will Trump ask His Supporters to Bear Arms and Change the Next Election Results by Violent Insurrectionists? That’s the Question I am the most Concerned with. I’d hate to see Americans killing or Hurting each other over more Election Lies. But I’m afraid he’d Ask. I do not Trust him. He waited Six Hours to see how the First Capital Attack was going before he reacted.

Now, you ask-Why write about any Of this?


  1. Because all of 🇺🇸 needs to Stand Up, Turn Around, And Address the January 6 Insurrection for what it was. We need Real Answers. To seek these Truths without FEAR. Or fear of dismemberment.
  3. QUIT bowing down to the whims of a Person who is No Longer President. It is a Disease to continue with Spreading his false Narratives.
  4. Running Up the TRUMP Rules America Flags is a pure Sickness. It’s not even funny.

I want the very Best for Our Country and i cannot see it happening as long as Lies continue to flow out with No Rebuttals. I am Rebuttalling Now. I will not go silently into the night without letting others know that Speaking and Telling the Truth still matters.

We cannot, We Must NOT accept the False Narratives any longer. We must Speak-Up and Against all Tyrannies. We must Not be Afraid to Tell the Truth and Call out ANYONE on their Lies or Repeating or Spreading Lies.

We must ensure the Next Presidential Election is Honest and Fair and does not become another Election Playground for Billionaires and Lawyers like 2020 has become.

All of this has become a National Disgrace!

Many States have Disgracefully added Voting Laws to Please their Beloved Leader.

But these changes are deceptive and actually attempts to Win the Next Presidential Election by Restricting who can and who cannot VOTE in the next Election and forever more. 25 Million will not be allowed to Vote already. And Texas requires your Fingerprints

Many Governors have become Dictators willing and able and are engaging in Anti-U.S. activities. I worry about America staying together if not dissolved in another Revolutionary War.

January 6, 2025 could be a most disastrously Upending Day of Insurmountable Troubles that any of 🇺🇸 has ever seen.

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Or it could be a Beautiful Day. I want Beautiful. I am content with that…a normal beautiful day. No more funny-business like on this past January 6.

But it depends what all of us do between now and then. We must talk the Right Words of Love for Our Country and actually mean it and NOT betraying words of false Love or false Loyalty to just one Man. That’s all it is. But it is so very Wrong to say you are Loyal when deep down you know you are not and yet, you still repeat these Lies. Stop doing it. Please!