I’m Greatly Confused!

I’m greatly confused! Does Texas run Texas or does Ex-President Donald Trump? I’m sorry, but I considered the Voter Fraud Audit in Arizona an embarrassment to all Americans which proved Not Worth the Money for the little good they did by finding more Votes for President Biden and less Votes for Ex-President Trump. And now that Ex-President Trump has Ordered Governor Abbott to Conduct a “Voter Fraud Audit” in Texas and the Governor has ordered it, I have to Ask-Who is running Texas? Being super insecure is like a Cancer and it spreads rapidly from the Source, then to others.

Keeping Media Obsessive President Trump relevant thru outlandish Political Schemes confuses me. I believe them unethical, anti-Democracy and only done so He and others can continue to ASK Donors for an endless supply of Monetary Donations and not REALITY based at all. Is this the Road we Texans want to go Down? I for one do not.

I’m now embarrassed by our Governor and His Voter Fraud Audit to pacify Ex-President Trump’s whims and Money Needs. A Voter Fraud Audit in Texas is a waste of Time and Money and way below the Integrity of Texas. And so very embarrassing!

Now, Texas is the Laughing Stock of AMERICA like Arizona was…but their Audit is over and ours is On.