After Suffering a Major Gun Violence Event, I want to share with you the One Thing that Helped Our Family Most!

The Grand Map of Gun Violence


“You see an unprecedented level of gun purchasing. There are more firearms in peoples’ hands and a lot of new gun owners are out there,” he said.

That, combined with a political rhetoric that can at times be used to justify violence, means Americans will continue experiencing cases like Buffalo.

“We’ve got a much more coarse political system with open appeals to violence and that cannot help but trickle down to other people,” Horwitz said, pointing to politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and former President Donald Trump.

“When some leaders talk using violence in the political system, some people take that realistically. And so there’s a responsibility to really tone down our rhetoric.”

But Toning Down the Hate Talk means you are a Loser. Means you are Weak. Means you are Scared. Means, yes, it means it’s not going to be Done. Trump and Cruz has Reorganized the Playing Field of Hate Talk or Race Talk as a Political Weapon and We Are White and That’s all that can be Right! Right?

Friends, Mi Compadres, Mi Amigos-We got in 🇺🇸 a Big Fat Problem. We are Now reaching deeper into the Abyss. GUN VIOLENCE! And do you Care? Until Gun Violence blows a hole thru your Family, you’ll never know the other side of Guns and the Gun Issues. And America’s Gun Violence is Out of Control. And gotten worse by the year.

I care. I honestly Attempted to help STOP Gun Violence. I cried on many nights. So many, I walked away for a long time. I even Stopped Selling my 1st Book-Handgun Safety. So many are just Talk in both sides of the Gun Coin. Not really wanting to get involved. But that’s where everyone is WRONG. WE ARE ALL INVOLVED! IN IT!
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JAMES BROWN@JamesBr49379086

OF course, most of America cares. We feel and we Hurt when we see these Gun Violence Deaths. And I still care. Read the bi-line on the left side of your screen if you’ll turn your Cell Phone sideways and scroll all the way down to the Bottom and see what I said about my own knowing about Gun Violence.

Did you Read it? My own daughter is now in a Wheelchair thank you very much Mr. Handgun. And that trigger that was pulled.

And nothing I can say will STOP GUN VIOLENCE! AND I PRAYED WITH ALL MY HEART AS I SAT NEXT TO MY DAUGHTER AS SHE LAY IN THE HOSPITAL FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE! And we took turns being by her side. My wife, my son, my Mother-in-Law all took turns! All of us did. And so NOW, 🇺🇸 has other families who are in similar painful hurting Gun Violence Events. We hurt like mad. Like crazy. And you will too.

And once, I saw one man who had half his face blown off but he lived and has a FAKE Face to cover the Horror of what was left. He was an Inmate at the Luther Unit. But for my daughter and my family-

Someone was always at the Hospital with her. But for other families, they arent at the Hospital, but are instead, at the Funeral Homes all across 🇺🇸.


But let me be very real, this is the BEST I can say if you have a friend who just got Shot and goes to the Hospital. It’s going to be a Hospital with a Trauma Center if it’s a Life and Death Wound. But the next is the BEST! TRUST ME, I’VE BEEN THRU WHAT YOU MAY BE GOING THRU RIGHT NOW! Being at a Trauma Center and needing Financial Help is the Greatest needed thing that my Family and I needed. We were living paycheck to paycheck and those paychecks hadn’t hit the banks yet. We needed HELP! But while you’re in the Hospital staring at a Hospital Bed, you don’t really know who to ASK for Help. The next thing I tell you is The Greatest Thing I know that Helped Our Family that others did-

  1. FUND RAISE for that Family! A Sum of $2000-$3000 will greatly help the Victims Family with immediate Expenses. GET THE MONEY TO THAT FAMILY ASAP! HOTEL/MOTEL EXPENSES aren’t cheat! Get the money to them ASAP! Food and Gas. MEALS! Family will need to be with the Victim and the $$ Bills $$ at their homes still will keep coming in while they are NOT WORKING. While they are at the Hospital. And YOUR ACTIONS are of the GREATEST VALUE to help keep that family afloat. YOU CAN HELP! For God’s Sake, Don’t wait to be Asked for HELP because it’s not coming. But will that Family need your Help?Help.put it in an envelope and give it to them. GO GET CASH and give it to them. Give what you can. What you can give may be the extra Dollars that keeps that Family together. That family is going to be Gravely Hurting. Mournfully Suffering. TRUST ME! $900 that was collected by the Teachers and Staff at the Hearne High School where my wife was working as a High School Math Teacher and Given to her was our Lifeline! Without it, we’d had to live in a car. And we would have. And the Warden at the J.W. Hamilton Unit told me a Captain was doing a Fund Drive for me and would give me the Money. Well, GUESS WHAT? HE NEVER GAVE ME A PENNY! Another reason why I am so thankful I Retired! Rank joked that is why people LEAVE TDCJ and it is. He did apologize later but never told me what he did with the monies. I didn’t care. He creeped me out! And others too.

And I believe in God. I trust GOD. And I PRAYED as much as I could. I wasn’t ready to LOSE my daughter to a Bullet that ripped thru her chest taking Out part of her Spin. A .45 Bullet at that. A Special Killer Bullet especially designed to blow a Huge Hole out the backside. But the gun was fired point blank And the Bullet didn’t expand like it was designed to expand.

We got a 2nd chance and I hope you get a 2nd chance with your loved one. I really do. I know your pain and no matter what, it will hurt for the rest of your life. My hurt is with ME every day. But you got to pick yourself back up and Keep on Trucking. It’ll be hard at first, But it does get easier. You move by putting one foot in front of the other foot. One step at a time. And one day the tears will begin to reside. But you’ll still tear up from time to time.

Be Strong! Don’t let your Hate run wild with you. Hate and Anger and Revenge will take you straight to Prison or the Graveyard. Leave the HATE ALONE…please. You’re still very much going to be needed after a Gun Violence Event. Stay in the Fight to keep your Family Strong and Hate-Free.