Pontus Axeinus

-talking about the history of the Black Sea-

The Black Sea, formerly known as Pontus Axeinus, has been an integral part of the world since the beginning of recorded history. With its unique location, it has been a bridge between east and west, connecting the ancient civilizations of the Greeks and Romans with those of the Middle East, the eastern Mediterranean, and even the Far East. It has served as a vital trade route and been a source of great wealth and power throughout centuries.

The earliest known inhabitants of the Black Sea region date back to 3500 BC, and their influence can still be seen in some ancient cities that still exist today. The Greeks were the first to colonize the region, establishing a network of colonies along the coast and even venturing inland. They were the first to bring the principles of democracy to the region and established trade hubs such as Byzantion, Byzantium Istanbul, and Heraclea.

The Black Sea has also been an area of conflict throughout its long history. In the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great and his armies passed through the region on their conquests of the Middle East, as did the invading Celts and Macedonians. The Roman Empire made Pontus Axeinus a Roman province, and the Byzantine Emperor Justinian expanded the empire’s control of the region.

In the 15th century the Black Sea region was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, which remained in control until it was defeated in the Russo-Turkish War of 1878. With the rise of the USSR, the Soviet Union gained control of the Black Sea and still maintains control of most of its shores today.

The Black Sea has served as an important shipping route throughout its history, as its waters have connected Europe to Asia for centuries. This has made it a crucial trade route for many civilizations. In modern times, the region has become an important shipping hub, with access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea from the Bosphorus, Dardanelles, and Bosporus straits.

The Black Sea has been a source of great beauty and mystery for thousands of years. Its unique flora and fauna, complex currents, and amazing historic sites remain a draw for many visitors, providing an opportunity to experience the ancient culture and traditions of the area. Its shorelines are also home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and picturesque villages.

The Black Sea continues to live up to its ancient name of Pontus Axeinus, and its history still influences the culture and economy of the region. From its beginning as a trade route to its modern use as a transportation hub, it remains an essential part of the world’s economic and cultural landscape.