Global Warming’s simple explanation using an old tire.


Drop all the scientific jargon and it all comes down to this simplest of all explanations.

Above are two circles.

A or the inner Circle is Earth and A is pointing to Earth’s Surface.

B is where Outer Space Starts.

The Area between A and B is our Atmosphere.

But now to make it super simple-

Okay, now for super simple please in a single dimensional image, let’s now see the above picture as the following-

The Circle inside of A is a Wheel just like what is on your car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle.

The Area between A and B is Our Tire

and this area has Tire Pressure in it.

You have now just entered the Super Highway between San Diego and Los Angeles or wherever you live when the road gets super hot or not, but today it does.

The Sun is beaming down and it is 118 Degrees and it is 133 Degrees on the pavement.

The Tire Pressure is now starting to go up and up and up.

Man, it is the hottest it has ever been.

I mean, it is scorching hot.

You see that your tire pressure in our tire is now Way Above a Safe Inflation Pressure.

You stop and you kick the tire.

Man, it is the tightest that you have ever seen or felt it before.

But, there is No Valve Stem to Release any Pressure.

No Valve Stem?

What to do?  Yes, what to do?

No way to lower the Air Pressure in Our Tire?

And now for a little bit of that other info-

we must also breath this air in our tire.


That’s it.  Our tire is Super Inflated with an Unsafe Inflated Pressure and soon will be unsafe for us to breath with its high inflation pressure.

But the real reason that our tire got so high in Inflated Pressure is not just the Heat from the Sun and pavement-

it is because of CO2 that won’t go nowhere. That CO2 is now Stuck between A and B creating even more pressure.

See the switch?

And our Tire is now in a place where we do not want it to be?

And this invisible CO2 stuff lingers on and on and on and on.

It is sort of Trapped cause we are producing way more than our Tire and Tire Pressure can handle and it is not getting any better.

No, it is only an example above and the air pressure around us is not getting higher

and harder to breath just yet.

But, the Experts are saying its coming and now they are starting to agree that we are  Beyond the Point of No Return of fixin our Tire Pressure

or the CO2 Levels.

And the Experts have tossed the numbers we got left where the CO2 will start affecting all of us and how we breath in 30 to 300 years until man will completely be shutdown.

Again, no one believes it.  But Data just doesn’t lie.

Presently, I see No Nation that has taken a Giant Leap to fix this situation.

I am afraid that man is still not willing to absorb the fact that he might actually be killing the Planet.

Hey, Mother Earth has always been here and always will be.

Some folks say we were on Mars and look at what happened there.

Was that from us?

But, maybe, not from us.

Now, I hope this simple Tire and Tire Pressure example has helped you look at the CO2 issue in a different way, a different light.

And no, I don’t think any of us want to be reminded why CO2 is what it is or how it is made.  We all use the sources that make CO2.

Now, the graphs are not made-up pieces of this CO2 stuff that can be Overlooked.  They are all from NASA and I don’t remember ever when NASA was pumping out bad information.

Do you?

And of course,

there is the Ostrich View where everyone can just keep their heads buried in the ground or take one of five other views-

One-ain’t no such thing.

Two-I know it’s coming.

Three-I will take my chances.

Four-I’ll pass it on to the next generation.

Five-Fix It!