Digital TV Advertisement is about to Take a Sudden Turn for the Best for U and Me. Chord-Cutting Never Got Better-and what are you waiting for?

Can I please help you with your most important dilemma?  With the COVID-19 Pandemic, every penny counts now more than ever before.  To pay over $200 plus for more TV channels than you know what to do with or that most you’ll never Watch, or you can make the decision to SAVE YOURSELF OVER $2000-$5000 a year?



Drop out of the Loop of Paying for all those Channels and take the Ball into your own hands and I’m going to show you what I did and why-

WHY?  Man, how can anyone spend that crazy amount on TV watching?  And who really does that anymore?

First Off, if our cell phone could talk to all of us, we would come away with one big New Conclusion.

We are not WATCHING TV nearly as much as we did just five years ago.  Not nearly as much And we are watching our Computers, Laptops, and Cell Phones tons more than your High-Priced Channels justify.  And why is that?

We’ve all come to use our Cell Phones for all kinds of things and it’s pretty well the way things are going to be from here on out. Cell phones and other devices rule the day. Not your TV.

And I am not bashing that.  I do it and I enjoy my Cell Phone and all the things I can do with it.  And my computer and all the things I can do with it. We all do.

But now, let’s get down to it and dig into the World of the Unknown for many people who need a monetary break and this one change in your life will get you fixed in no time and you will not be sorry at all and I will tell you what we did.


I called up our TV Channel Service Provider that had two Big Ole Antennas bolted onto our house’s roof and I set the Date I wanted my time with them to EXPIRE.  TO finally END.

And then in no time, they sent me mail about the fact that they wanted one of two TV Receivers from me and I had so much time to get it to them or ELSE!

That ELSE was that they were going to make me Pay for it if I did not send it to them.  And yes, they wanted the Cards in the Receivers from both Receivers too.

I then followed their instructions and went to a Fed-Ex place and they already know exactly what to do and it was all done.

But then after another month, the Satellite TV Service Company said I needed to Pay them  $8.99 more for them to END THE CONTRACT.  Like they had to STICK IT TO ME ONE LAST TIME.

But then, they left a mess for me to Clean-Up and here it is and IT IS STILL ON MY ROOF AND HANGING DOWN FROM IT as you look at the two following pictures-



So, I then connected the Coaxial Cable from the Outside Roof Antenna in the next picture that has been on my roof for over 30 years back inside to a 3-way splitter and then to my TV in the bedroom also to a TV in the Living Room.


And I purchased an excellent INDOOR AMPLIFIED TV ANTENNA which you see in the next picture sitting on top of our Medicine Cabinet in the bedroom.



Now, one of the things that I also purchased was two THREE WAY COAXIAL Splitter Switch like the following ones-






3-way Splitter Switch

Now why the Splitter switch? And switches that have one “IN” and two “OUT” on it.

Simple.  You may need to Switch from the Outside TV Antenna Source to the Indoor TV Antenna Source to one TV. Or another to switch from either antenna and then to either TV. It’s easy to just pencil a diagram of what you need and how to do it.  WE use a Switch in order to get one Channel from the Indoor TV Antenna without going outside and manually rotating the Outside TV Antenna.

And the second splitter was so I could see Indoor TV Antenna Channels and Outdoor TV Antenna Channels on the TV in the bedroom and on the TV in the living room.

And yes,  they have AUTOMATIC ROTATING OUTSIDE TV ROOF ANTENNA that you can turn a knob and the Antenna turns in the Direction to GET THE BEST DIGITAL SIGNAL.

Finding what Channels you would get and the Direction to point your Antenna is found super easily by just putting in your Zip Code into a Site and Bam-You got it.  Super simple stuff.

Just put in your Zip Code into the following site and see what you can get Over the Air

And where do you point your Antenna?  Simple, just point your Antenna in the Direction for the nearest TV Transmitter and here is one-

And I use. ON TV TONIGHT APP on my Cell to see what’s on the TV Channels I get which is amazing and super easy.

Super Simpler Stuff, but all you have to do is GET OVER YOUR FEAR AND CUT YOUR Baby CHORD with the TV GIANT and walk on your own again.

AND no, I have no diffs with them.  It is all about MONEY SAVED vs. Money Wasted.  But hey, they did leave a mess for sure.

First Off, we live out in the Countryside and folks seem to just forget all about country folks like we weren’t paying the same amount of taxes and such.

SO, we had to have WIFI.  And there weren’t much of a choice out here where we live.

And for us, HUGHESNET was our only choice and we still use them.

And thank Heavens that they teamed-up with NETFLIX because we are NETFLIX SERIES ADDICTS.



And if you are still scared of doing this, there are folks who will put this stuff up for you and it’s so gosh darn easy and it can be done in about half to full day cause you need to be careful as you go and don’t get anyone hurt or hit any Electric Lines or be stupid and drink Alcohol while you are doing this.

But then here comes along PLUTO TV AND YOUTUBE and I have no problems with them and watching shows and stuff along with COMMERCIALS.  It’s just fine with us and we have bought lots of things that we have seen Advertised on PLUTO TV and YouTube.

But here’s our HughesNet Receiver on our Roof talking to the WIFI GURU up in OUTER SPACE-


And here it is again from another angle-


But now, let’s get down to it and  get that fear of a Roof Antenna out of the way.  It’s super simple stuff and if you got some knowledge about things and don’t mind getting sweaty, you can do this for sure.


The bottom rusty piece of pipe is a piece of Oil Field Flow Tubing and rusty in the pic and it is sitting on a 1/2 inch thick 1′ by 1′ Metal Plate with a 1′ Metal Rod (1″ inch Diameter) welded on the top of the plate right in the center of the Metal Plate.  The Pipe just sits on top of the Flat Plate.  Super easy to rotate by hand.  NOW, I never lock this TV antenna down pointing in one direction.  IF the wind starts to howl and such, if you got it locked-down, it will break the connection at the top where the Antenna meets and is attached to the Antenna Pole.  I know, I tried it and it broke in the 1st wind storm.  SO, after over 30 years, our roof antenna still is working, I must have done something right.  Huh?

The second Pipe is an actual TV Antenna Pole and it is bolted onto the top area of the Rusty Pipe where you see the two Bolts right thru both pipes.

Then to keep the pipe in place, I used 1′ long Nails, the super fat ones and went all the way around the inside of the 1st pipe to keep the second pipe centered in the middle of the lower pipe.  It came out exactly perpendicular to the ground.  And it is straight-up level.

Then your Outdoor Antenna Attaches to the top pipe with two “U” bolts and plates.  Super easy stuff.

RoofAntenna (3)

Now, I used a piece of wood to do this attachment as the rubber one that comes with the TV Antenna deteriorates with time.  The wood one has been there for over 30 years.

Now as you look below at that pic where the two pipes come together, you will see three half-moon clamps attached to a 2′ by 6′ piece of board approximately 4′ long and the board is attached to the Gable.  This keeps the antenna true and level.  I just wrapped black electrical tape to the pole and then attached the Coaxial Cable atop of this black tape rolled around the pipes as it goes down.  No, I did not use Coaxial Clamps as I just do not like them.  Again, what you’re viewing it over 30 years old and STILL WORKS very well.  Great DIGITAL pictures.

And one other thing is that you will need to have your TV Scan for DIgital Channels once you are done using the ANTENNA SETTING.  And in about ten minutes, your TV will quick scanning and then you will see how many Over the Air TV Channels you now get.





Now, look at the window unit.  It’s all about SAVING MONEY, isn’t it?  Well, when I put this window Unit in the window and began using it, Our Monthly Electric Bill went down $100.  A $1200 dollar per year savings over using the Central Unit.  Who would have figured on that one?

One thing that you do not see is the Lightning Ground Rod stuck into the ground on the other side of the bottom pipe and the cable that runs to it if the TV Antenna is ever struck by Lightning.

And the next one is SUPER IMPORTANT.  I have had to change out THREE of these cause they always get hit on the Coaxial Cable and for about $40, you will save your TV and other devices.  Be sure to shop and get the right one for you.

***AND FOR SURE-Use a POWER SURGE PROTECTOR for your TV ANTENNAS AND YOUR USB CONNECTIONS AND YOUR COAXIAL CONNECTIONS and your electrical connections  It’s cheap Insurance if you own one of those 50-plus inch TVs.

The one I have also has ports for USB and dual “in” and dual “out” for the Coaxial Cables.

But when you Cut Services, GUESS WHAT?

You Inherit their Junk!






Pretty, pretty JUNK hanging down from my roof.  Such a pretty site for sure. REALLY?  And no, I won’t say who’s stuff it is, but you don’t have but a couple of guesses to work with.  lol  But U C that junk?

Yes, really.


Outdoor Antenna or Indoor Antenna?


Indoor Amplified Antenna.  This is a nice one.

Okay, we took the Plunge years ago and I know that you are thinking mighty hard about it too.  Just think about the Total Cost and the PAY-For-VIEW runs up a huge yearly bill in no time.  $2000-$5000 and you are not doing anything ILLEGAL.  You will be investing in  your own future by not allowing others to steal your hard earned monies.  And if you have no choice, then you have no other choice.

But for us, this is what we got-

16 DIGITAL CHANNELS and they are so crystal clear that you won’t even believe it.  Way better than what we had before.

And then comes NETFLIX and PLUTO TV and YouTube and we are fine.

But thanks to GAME OF THRONES, my wife had to have HBO and so we watch it too, but our WIFI speed is a trite slow for no BUFFERING.  So, we seldom watch it except for Bill Maher which she likes to see on Friday Nights.

And then she also had to havethe rest of the OUTLANDER Series, So she got STARZ and we seldom watch it now that she has watched all of the OUTLANDER SERIES.

So, with our Cell Phones, we are very happy.  We get to watch more than enough stuff.

And as long as the NCAA and SEC and NHRA and PBR and NBA and NHL and MLB and others put their amazing games on the local Over the Air Channels, we are way better than just fine.  And I know they will cause that is where the fans are-THEY ARE ALL GOING TO OVER THE AIR DIGITAL TV via their very own TV Antennas.

And the Over the Air Channels are gaining in such Popularity that Advertisers are going to be SWALLOWING UP THIS NEW MARKET all over again.

And great for you, great for me, and great for all of us.

So, to really get into the game, if your BROADCAST CHANNEL is not being seen in your Market Area, you know, the Over the Air Viewing Audience you need to reach, it’s just not worth watching.  Your stuff is just not worth watching.  Cause if it was, you’d get it to all of us.

I have no clue why in such a College Town of College Station, Texas has only 16 over the air tv channels available while there are 50-100 in other viewing areas.

And I know this is going to change because it is where the Audience is Going. It is what all of us are doing.  All are leaving one for a Purer Picture, a Digital Picture, and what they don’t see on their TV, they can see on their Cell Phones.

The highlights will show-up on Twitter or Facebook or somewhere and that is all anyone really wants to see.

So, I see no reason why you are still allowing yourself to be burned.  The Number of the Roof and Indoor Antenna Viewers is Skyrocketing.

And this is where the Market is Headed.  You and your company is down with it or it will be tossed to the side by the Newest Market that keeps growing leaps and bounds.

Over the Air Digital TV is the road to go and I know the youngsters know what i be saying for sure. Don’t u?

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, Author of Handgun Safety and A Panther’s Father Book Series.

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