After Rodney King Trial, LA Riots! After George Floyd Murder Trial, what will happen? Can we Take it one More Step?

Twenty-five years ( Now almost 28 Years ago and on April 29, 1992. ) this week, four Los Angeles policemen — three of them white — were acquitted of the savage beating of Rodney King, an African-American man. Caught on camera by a bystander, graphic video of the attack was broadcast into homes across the nation and worldwide.


And now, Police Action causing Bodily Injury and/or Death is in Everyone’s Thoughts.

Are we making any Progress since the 60s. 70s. 80s. Or 90s?

Uncalled for Killings are now on the FRONT PAGE and No longer on the Back Page of Newspapers.

But, have we made Progress? No, not so in many ways.

I see bad Actors using Bad Actions on both sides of some of this. Being handcuffed and when they bolt free isn’t cool. Running away isn’t cool. But Killing someone isn’t Cool at all unless your Life or the life of others is in immediate risk of bodily injury or Death…

USE OF FORCE was always part of our Yearly Training as a Texas Prison Guard. And I felt that we received good Training. We were NEVER taught to use a knee on someone’s neck. I still find that odd. Out of place. Not understanding why do this with other Officers there as well at the scene.

But where and when is the NEXT George Floyd. Rodney King incident going to Take Place? And it will. It’s Guaranteed.

Bodycams now catch the Flow of Action and the Cameras Don’t Lie! But I am happy that the Discussion is finally on the Table for all to see. Not Hidden any Longer.. And it is SHOCKING VIDEO. We cannot continue like we are in some Places. But not the whole Nation is having these Issues. Is it Heavily Congested City Scenes? And mix Drugs and it’s not Cool.

Getting people trained responsibly to the point where they will comply with the Law is the Hidden Gem. And how do we do that?. Are we missing the Human Factor under extreme Duress? On both Sides?

Police Departments are like small or Big Extensions of. our Society. But they are Alienated to certain Distinctive Differences. They. Some. Not all have a Robot Mentality. And they have a stranglehold on their Police Officers. Never Cross or Break the Code of Blue even though you or your partner screws up horrifically.

But the Bodycam Cameras Don’t Lie!

And how do we move forward? We must want to. We must END the Macho and open up to the People’s Needs.

We Need-

  1. Greater Transparency.
  2. Greater Community Representation by Race.
  3. Greater Approaches than pulling over for petty Road Violations. Take a Pic. Send a Bill.
  4. Until Police Forces represent the Ethnic Breakdown of their Community. It’s not going to work.
  5. No one Gets a FREE PASS!
  6. And there is One More Step that can be done.

When I see Riot pics and a man or woman is STANDING a foot away from a Police Officer shouting in the Officer’s Face thru a Megaphone doesn’t sit well with me. How can anyone rationally accept that Behavior? It’s BAD!

And how do we move Forward? Now, a Bad Shooting or Killing makes National News. That NEWS is on BLAST! But generations ago, it might not have made the News.

Can we now take it one more Step?

Videotaping Stops has Changed Things. But MAYBE there needs to be a INSTANT REAL-TIME REVIEW of all Stops sent back to an Instant Review Group as the Stop is taking place. And they can Megaphone Communicate to all Players thru the Police Car”s PA SYSTEM. And evEryone will be held responsible for all Actions. But in REAL TIME!

Had such an INSTANT REAL-TIME REVIEW had taken place during the George Floyd Stop, the Observing Group would have told Officer Chauvin to Remove his Knee.

We are technologically capable of such Action, so why not USE it? Make Superiors instantly Responsible as well By what they tell the Officers to do when they are acting in a bad manner. But they can also talk to the Person in the Car.

We must open Up the Door to More Answer, not less.

This is where you USE DE-FUNDED FUNDS and Create REAL TIME Communication at all Stops by a full Observing Group! Extend the Blame to Brand the Game Fairly!!! Then People gonna Act Right! At least hopefully they will.