Why Why Why or How How How can we ever expect Good when such infinite Corruption exists at the Highest Levels? People in Charge of Creating Legislation that affects all of 🇺🇸 while they have very low standards. The following Article reminds so much of other Individuals who were said to have been going to drug parties where sex with multiple partners took place. But when I ask about this to others, they always say-Oh, I don’t believe that. And the Pictures don’t Lie. It’s okay to allow these people extra freedoms from Prosecution while the rest of 🇺🇸 is held to a higher standard? All I’m reading these days is Corruption and Corrupt individuals are plentiful in Washington. It’s no longer a matter of who’s Corrupt, but How Corrupt? As long as their Corruption is Hideable, let them have at it.

And people wonder why Americans are upset…Crime is Crime no matter who you are.