IMMIGRANT ALERT-Learn to Read, Write, and Speak English or DON’T Come to America

IMMIGRANTS ALERT- If you are an immigrant, This Post is for you. Not against You, but to hopefully help You be a Better Immigrant before you leave your own Country.

Learn to Read, Write, and Speak English

Do this one thing and you’ll be Migrant Elite in America and you’ll be 10 times better off than other Immigrants. But again, knowing the Language doesn’t excuse Stupidity or Ugly Looks.

The Number One Eye Sore for most Americans about Immigrants is the Fact that you come to America with No Language Skills. You don’t even know the Language (English) and show no sign of a Willingness to learn English. And because of this, you’ll always be needing an Interpreter. And most Americans aren’t going to stand around talking to you thru an Interpreter. And until you do Learn America’s Language (English), you’ll never know if you are being bent over a Post and drilled in your Butt Hole (figuratively speaking) by those preying on Immigrants.

  1. The ability to understand basic social cues and nuances: Being able to read, write, and speak English will help a migrant better understand common social cues and the culture of the new country they are moving to.
  2. Better job prospects: Without a working knowledge of the English language, migrants may have trouble finding employment or gaining job security.
  3. A greater sense of connectedness: Understanding the language of a new country can cultivate a sense of belonging, which can help to reduce the stress of moving to a foreign country.
  4. Better access to resources: Having the ability to read, write, and speak English will provide migrants with greater access to educational, medical, and legal resources.
  5. Increased safety: Being able to understand and communicate with those around them can help migrants to be more aware of their surroundings and stay safe.

Here in Texas, Saying you Don’t Understand English ( No Comprende ) has been bounced at most Texans for most of their Lives. And after the 1st Hundred Times of Hearing that you don’t Understand English, most Texans will Give Up on You, throw their Arms up in disgust, and walk away. And you might be Super Smart, but Immigrating Stupid. Completely Ignorant on one Golden Rule-IMMIGRANTS, KNOW AMERICA’S LANGUAGE-English. This is not a Racial Issue. This is a Fact. No Stare in 🇺🇸 is going to Stop speaking English just for your benefit. Most Americans are in their own struggle of making it all work out for them and they don’t want another problem in their lives. And you may be a Problem looking for a place to take place. And don’t get Mad when Texas Governor Abbott has you tossed into a Bus and ships you to Alaska. Texas is at its Limits too. No, it’s not that Texans hate you at all. It’s that Texans got their own Problems and don’t want no more. And you represent a Problem for Texas. And Texas is solving it. By shipping you farther down the Road.

And it’s not 🇺🇸’s Fault that you are twisted upset about how you are going to be treated. It’s not going to help you if you expected an Open Hand and Welcome Arms if you are Language Ignorant. But Texans have heard all the lame excuses all the Time. Already. And our Tolerance for those unwilling to learn 🇺🇸’s Language (English) is at an all-time Low. And being bilingual speaking your home languages and American English is Great. And if you will take Lessons in your Home Country and Learn English there, you’ll be helping other Immigrants by helping them maneuvering around all of the many things here in America.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming an American Citizen-


  1. You receive full federal and state protection as a citizen in the United States
  2. You are able to vote in all federal, state, and local elections
  3. You are eligible for all federal benefits, including Social Security, Medicare, education grants, and government services
  4. You can apply for US passports and travel restrictions are relaxed compared with those for non-citizens
  5. You can become the sponsor for family members to join you in the United States
  6. You may be eligible for preferential employment and educational opportunities
  7. You receive the full protection of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights


  1. You must pass a long and difficult process of immigration and naturalization to become a US citizen
  2. You must give up any allegiances to other countries
  3. You may be required to serve on a jury when called
  4. You may face scrutiny and discrimination if you are perceived to be a threat
  5. You may have to pay a fee to complete the application and naturalization process
  6. You may have to face a language barrier in some parts of the US
  7. You may be subject to a variety of taxes, including income, Social Security, and estate taxes.

IMMIGRANTS, America and Americans know what you want. What you need. What you are trying to Accomplish. Americans aren’t Stupid in any manner. But America’s Sympathies have been sidelined, to a large degree, by the negative Actions of what Massive Border Immigrating has brought forth. Too many at Once is not Acceptable. Not appreciated. And I have to Ask you this-Were you set Up? Did someone Recruit you or your Family making wild Promises to you? Filling your Heads of Untold Wealth and Instant Acceptances once you get into America?


Hitting the Southern Border with Huge Numbers of Immigrants, all at once, is just the 1st Major Hurdle facing you. And America, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California have all had ENOUGH. But they minute you remain in Mexico is another minute that the Mexican Cartels are trying to sink their Claws into you. They’ll promise you Money out of Manure. And other Miracles that Cartels tell their Victims. But Keep away from Them! They are Bad News for you and your Families.But knowing the Language (English) will help you articulate your needs and help you on your Journey to becoming a Legal American Citizen.

And this is very important. Every Country outside of America is doing their own Citizens an injustice by not teaching English Reading, Writing, and Speaking Classes. Every Citizen migrating to America will be sending Monies back home to the originating Country. So, it truly is in the best Interests of your Country to Teach You ENGLISH before you ever begin the Journey to America. But people listen to Recruiters and they may be Cartel Members only wanting Your Monies. And these Cartel Members are waiting to Crucify you on Mexico and bend you over a Log and drill you in your Butt Hole. And film it and sell the video. To your Family back in your Country. And anyone saying you don’t need to Learn English are hateful, spiteful individuals knowing the less you know, the more they know they can get over on you.

If you don’t learn English, You’ll be like a baby sea turtle trying to get into the water after you Hatch. And when you step off an Airplane back to your Country after you are Deported, how’s that gonna feel like? Are Gangs eagerly awaiting your Arrival Back to your Home COUNTRY with you being penniless? See, it’s not the beautiful Rainbow Picture you been told. The Journey is dangerous and the last 500 yards is the most dangerous.But then if you are on foot walking on a Big Ranch, you may find dried out bones of other Immigrants who didn’t care to go thru the Proper Immigrant Procedures for entering into America legally. And they Died and their Families are still waiting for word from them. It’s not coming in some cases. And don’t expect America to drop everything just to find out who those dried bones belonged to. America has a lot of other Demands on her Back.

It’s not that America doesn’t Care. But 🇺🇸’s Hearts and Finances are running thin when it comes to Immigrant Dislikes caused by Illegal Immigrants. Mention ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT and you’ll get an Ugly look back. But its not You personally. And things will possibly change but I don’t see it taking place anytime soon. America is looking at other important Issues right now. And rightly so. America and Americans are a long way away from being Stupid. And none of us need Reminding of Our Problems. We know them. And many, we own. Others we don’t. But if you truly are coming to America and want a Huge Helpful Hint, please learn how to write, read, and speak English before you ever leave your Country.

And here in America, I always was surprised How Quickly those Speaking, Writing, and Reading English did so very well. And in certain Regions of Mexico, they Speak English with little to no Accent as well. Sure, America tries to have Bilingual Americans on Our Borders, but once you leave the Border, you’ll find out bilingual people isn’t a requirement and so, many Americans just don’t speak another language. If Americans were surrounded by others speaking another language, Americans would learn it too.

One of the most disrespectful immigrants to Americans are Nigerians. They will talk in one of several dialect from Nigeria right in front of Americans they work with in America and they don’t care if this activity is being interpreted as highly disrespectful by Americans. It is because Americans aren’t disrespecting the Nigerians.

If it were up to me, I’d cut the immigrant Quota from Nigeria in Half. Because the ones here are poor Ambassadors for Nigeria and others Nigerians living here. Many are one step away from being Revolutionaries. And for the ones wanting to come to America. See, it only takes a few Bad Immigrants from a Country to get that entire Country black listed by all Americans. Do your part! Learn English and you’ll be miles ahead of the others migrating here. DON’T and you’ll struggle badly.

The United States has taken a new, more welcoming stance towards migrants in recent years. But you, as an immigrant must do your part. There is now an increased focus on offering more avenues for lawful, safe migration and on providing assistance to migrants and refugees. In addition, President Biden’s administration has halted the Trump-era policies of family separation, refugee denial, and other harsh, restrictive measures while also allocating additional resources to the border. President Biden also announced the creation of a task force to address the root causes of migration and has announced an increase in refugee admissions level. Rapid action is also being taken towards modernizing our immigration system. The goal is to provide an easier and more accessible pathway towards citizenship.

But, time isn’t on your side if you are sitting or staying in Mexico unable to understand why you haven’t been Admitted into America. Not all Americans are in your Side. Many want more from the Immigrant and knowing English is just a part. This one thing is a huge part of the puzzling World of the Immigrant. But it doesn’t have to bed that way.

Do your Part. Learn to Read, write, and Speak English. It’s that simple. Texas does not have a policy that directly denies or blocks immigrants from entering the state. Like other states, Texas has specific laws and regulations governing immigration, but immigrants from all over the world can come to Texas as students, workers, tourists, and permanent residents.

Best Regards,

The Living Breathing James Brown