Putin Orders Russian Fighter Jets downing an American Drone. Intentional Act of War?

With Xi Jinping soon visit to Russia nearing, did Russia just deliberately put more food on the table for Putin to feed Xi?. Has Putin declared War? But wants to tell Xi Jinping in person first?

Then First Strike America with a Nuclear Bombardment?

Nuclear weapons alone is not enough to take out your enemy. You have to use Ground Forces too.

Russia’s Unprovoked downing of an American Drone over the Black Sea in International Waters. In International Airspace. What are the Possibilities now?

  1. Increased militarization in the Black Sea region
  2. Increase in sanctions against Russia by the United States
  3. Heightened diplomatic tensions between the two countries
  4. The possibility of an armed conflict between Russia and the United States
  5. Increased calls for an arms race between the two countries
  6. Increased rhetoric of war from the respective countries’ leaders
  7. Increased restrictive measures from both countries, making it more difficult for citizens of these countries to travel and do business with each other.
  8. Cyber warfare between the two countries.
  9. Increased cyber espionage from Russia on the United States.
  10. Act of war by Russia against the United States.

Has Putin now Declared War against America? Putin gave the Order to take out the Drone. Putin’s testosterone levels must be running very high or he has gone full blown Polar.

What’s coming next? Nuclear Weapons may be coming very soon.

Has Putin gone crazy? Has the War in Ukraine made him Mad. I’m talking Insane…???